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Established in November 1986, "M.T.S. Sewing Centre" was set up as a small haberdashery shop in the town of Fgura, Malta.  Through hard work, dedication, excellent service and a unique product portfolio, M.T.S. grew along the years to become the largest Art and Crafts business firm in Malta, providing the widest selection of exclusive products from stock.

Today, M.T.S. Arts & Crafts represents the finest Art and Crafts brands, offering unrivalled service to the retail sector and the end customer, whether being a home enthusiast or a professional artist.


It all started with a very limited budget, a small shop in the town of Fgura , of about 27m2  was purchased by Hilda and Freddie. M.T.S. Sewing Centre was set up - selling haberdashery goods and offering sewing machine repairs.


Providing excellent service and selling exclusive items , M.T.S. established  a good reputation with flourishing clientele  and therefore, an adjacent shop was purchased , allowing further additional stock space and a small office.


Now, being a renown shop for selling unique items, the demand for the latest and innovative products was inevitable, and so , M.T.S. started importing most of their stock , directly from the manufacturers.  A first employee was employed and products at wholesale prices were now being offered to other local shops.


M.T.S. was now the best stocked haberdashery shop on the Island, with most of their stock coming from specialised and different world-wide producers. Following the European trend, art and craft items were gradually being introduced into the inventory. The logo and the name of the company was now changed to “M.T.S. Arts & Crafts”, to adapt to the new product range.


An exclusively designed delivery van was purchased for better distribution of the products to the retail market throughout the Island . M.T.S. started exhibiting in local fairs, promoting their products and teaching new craft techniques.


With the knowledge acquired from different international fairs and visits to manufacturers` factories, Hilda and Freddie were able to introduce and teach new methods to the general public, and by popular demand, different TV stations wanted to share this venture by inviting the owners, to demonstrate these skills on their TV programmes. Furthermore, craft classes were now frequently being organised in-house, and even outside the premises. More employees were hired to keep up with the sales and demands of the increasing clientele.


As business grew bigger , several stores were rented to accommodate the purchased stock, and the owners decided that it was best to move the business to a new site, where all stock , and with a bigger and more spacious retail shop , bigger classroom and more offices, could be housed in one complete building. Therefore, a new site in the town of Zabbar was purchased for this purpose.


Construction work begins at the new site, where two underground floors were to be used for storage, a large and modern retail shop on the ground floor, a comfortable classroom in the upper part of the shop, and offices in the first floor, leaving the second floor for further future expansion. Total usable floor space was now over 750m2.


The new building was finished and a new chapter had begun. All stock was now comfortably shelved for more reliable service to both the retail shops, and the end consumer. Better management with new computer software made sales more efficient and accountable. The second generation, Elaine and Lara, were now also employed in the business.


A loyalty card scheme was introduced to loyal customers, who could benefit from money vouchers gained by their purchases, that can be spent at the shop.


M.T.S. Arts & Crafts put up a facebook page. Clients using the social media could ask for prices and products from the comfort of their home.


Following the trend, this website was established to accommodate clients with updated information, and the facility to purchase from the  online shop in the most convenient way.